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Portable Vaporizer Technology, what is it? Without getting too technical, let’s look at what vaporization really is. When heat is applied or added to a liquid at its boiling point, all other variables remaining the same, like pressure, the individual molecules acquire enough energy to overcome the forces that bind them together in the liquid state. They escape as individual molecules of vapour until the process of vaporization is complete. For a liquid, this is simply known as boiling. Each substance has its own specific amount of heat that must be supplied to vaporize a given quantity. This amount of heat is known commonly as the latent heat of vaporization.

This principle also applies to cannabis, where the individual alkaloids are held with the moisture content of the herbs. The amount of heat necessary to change one gram of water to steam, at its boiling point at a pressure of one atmosphere is approximately 540 calories. Now this doesn’t tell us at what temperature specific herbs such as cannabis will vaporize, but it helps to understand the principles behind the method. Obviously, experimentation will allow you to fine tune the temperature of your portable vaporizer to maximize your vaporizing experience, and get the most out of your herbs. A good unit for people concerned about being able to control the amount of heat applied, is the Wolkenkraft Portable Vaporizer. This unit has a digitally adjustable thermostat and will display the temperature, allowing you to fine tune the unit in one degree increments.


Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer

Wolkenkraft ARIS Portable Vaporizer


Some units use convection to vaporize herbs, some use a contact heating element to vaporize plant material. The convection method uses a heating element to pre-heat air that will be drawn over the plant material when you want to inhale vapour. When you inhale air, through a tube or whatever apparatus your vaporizer uses, heat is transferred from the hot air to the plant material. Once enough heat has transferred to vaporize the essence of the plant materials vapour will be formed.

The new Herbal Vaporizers by Wolkenkraft are true convection vaporizers, with the heating element heated by a powerful lithium battery. Heat is applied and controlled using the buttons on the side of the unit, and visible on the digital display. It is also possible to further regulate the temperature the material is subjected to by the rate you inhale.



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We hope this brief explanation helps you on your quest for information about herbal vaporizers. The way to get the very best from your portable vaporizer is to experiment. It takes even the most experienced consumer several sessions to receive maximum vapour from your vaporizer.

Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer

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Portable Vaporizers by Wolkenkraft provide the highest quality products. A series of robust core technology units with True Convection heating technology. They will always deliver the finest, purest, and most tasteful vapour. The heating element is located under the herb chamber, with heated air drawn through hundreds of small holes into the chamber, passing through the herbs on route; delivering evenly evaporated, tasteful, pure vapour. No burning, no combustion, no smoke, or other side products. The purest Portable Vaporizer experience ever.




Why buy Portable Vaporizers? Vaporizers usually employ a pipe, hose or a mouthpiece for the purpose of inhaling the vapour. The vapour produced is much stronger compared to smoking cannabis using a rolling paper, a bong or any other method.  In this case a Wolkenkraft Portable Vaporizer gives you a feeling of high satisfaction and a whole new consumer experience.


Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer

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