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Have you ever tried consuming your herbs using a herbal vaporizer?  Do you understand what all the benefits of a vaporizer are? There are many advantages to be gained from this device, for a beginner as well as a seasoned consumer. Below is a short list including some of these advantages. Added to these are the specific up side of portable vaporizers, including size, convenience and more recently the increased efficiency. Employing a herbal vaporizer for consuming your herbs is now incorporating the ultimate in 21st Century technology.



There are many reasons why one should use a Vaporizer, and more specifically a Portable Vaporizer rather than traditional “smoking” methods when consuming herbs of any kind. It does not matter what the reason is for wanting to extract all the beneficial properties of herbs, the best method by far to do this, is by using a Vaporizer. We will outline below some of these advantages.


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1. No Dangerous Carcinogens:

When you smoke a joint or bong, you are inhaling more than just the alkaloids held in your herbs, but also many other harmful smoke toxins that have nothing to do with these targeted alkaloids.  Vaporizers work by heating your herbs, in this case cannabis, to just the right temperature to release the THC and other active cannabinoids from the plant without actually burning the material.  This makes sure you are inhaling pure THC vapour, giving you all of the pleasures without any of the headache or respiratory problems. If you enjoy cannabis, but are concerned about your long-term health, we absolutely recommend moving to a vaporizer.


2. More Efficient Application for Extracting Alkaloids:

Another problem with traditional smoking is that much of your cannabis is wastefully burned. When set alight to your cannabis some gets burned away, and instead of being inhaled, it simply goes up in smoke. Because herbal vaporizers don’t burn the cannabis, but just heats it to vaporization temperature. Studies have shown that vaporizers can provide up to 30% more THC than other smoking methods. By simple mathematics, using a herbal vaporizer is like getting free extra cannabis with every purchase. Think about how much money could you save by using a portable vaporizer.


3. Cleaner and Clearer Experience:

We already know about the lack of toxins generated when you vaporize cannabis, but are you also aware that those toxins cause a number of the negative side effects experienced using cannabis? However, when you vaporize, the euphoric effect is crisper and cleaner than smoking, either a joint or a bong. It’s lifts even the most mediocre cannabis to the next level.


4. Cannabis Has a Distinctive Smell:

The very distinctive odour of cannabis is a giveaway and can get you into trouble with the Authorities. The smell screams “Hey, I’m smoking cannabis, come and arrest me.”

Using a Vaporizer can eliminate all this concern.  The THC vapour has a very faint, pleasant aroma that quickly dissipates into the air.  This can stop all those paranoid episodes where you are constantly concerned about who knows that you are using cannabis, and who can smell it around you. I know you’ve been there already, we all have, especially if you live in apartments or just don’t want your entire house to reek of marijuana.


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Without combustion, it is sometimes hard to know when the session is finished. However, when you buy portable vaporizers, this is easy. Firstly, you can feel the vapour diminish throughout your session and secondly the flavour disappears when the herb chamber is depleted and all the active alkaloids have been extracted. Using a vaporizer is the smarter choice when it comes to enjoying your favourite strain of cannabis.


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