Foolproof Vaporizer Instructions

Foolproof Vaporizer Instructions are essential for some inexperienced Wolkenkraft Vaporizer customers; but why? In 15 years involved in the Vaporizer industry in Australia, we have encountered a wide variety of expertise in our prospective customers. Some have used other vaporizers, and know exactly what they are doing and what to expect from a Portable Vaporizer, others have absolutely no idea. The later group can become very frustrated when they first attempt to use their new Wolkenkraft Vaporizer. It doesn’t work they cry, why is there no smoke? Why did I ever buy a Wolkenkraft Vaporizer they may ask themselves? The fact is that a vaporizer is not a bong, and will not behave like one. This is why we have put together this detailed list of information and precise instructions for the novice user. We want your Vaporizer experience to be as easy and rewarding as it is for the many thousands of users around the world. So please if you are not experienced using a vaporizer, read the information below carefully and we are confidant you will soon be rewarded with cool, clean, sweet-tasting vapour.

The vapour produced is clean, pure and free of harmful by-products. According to statistics about 33% of cannabis users now vaporize their cannabis rather than smoking it, and increasingly they are using a portable vaporizer. Consumers want a different feeling and experience and thus have turned to using what they consider to be the best vaporizer available.


Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer

Wolkenkraft ARIS Portable Vaporizer


When it comes to health-related matters, using a vaporizer offers the consumer many advantages. This is because using vaporizers ensures that all carcinogens and any other intoxicants can be effectively eliminated. For those who use cannabis for medical purposes, using a vaporizer represents a big plus for them, because vaporizers are able to remove the smell associated with cannabis consumption.

The quality of vapour emanated when you vaporize cannabis compared to burning cannabis is totally different. Vaporized cannabis is of a higher quality compared to its traditional counterpart; 88% of the smoke from burning does not get you high, and contains non-cannabinoid elements that poses a health risk.  On the other hand, vaporized cannabis contains at least 95% cannabinoids, that are psychoactive components that soothe and calm the body and mind. The result is a more healthy method to consume your preferred herbs.



We would like you to follow the directions below;

1  Set unit to 200C
2. Grind you mix/ or break up to very small pieces (very important) This is “opening” the herbs, so the heated air gets maximum contact with your herbs.
3. Fill the herb chamber to half full/ GENTLY tamp into chamber
4. Replace the mouthpiece section
5. Heat the unit to 200C
6. Inhale deeply at least 3 times (3 seconds each) exhaling between each inhalation; this should take 12-15 seconds.
This process gradually heats all the mix to the optimum vaporizing temperature.
By the final inhalation, you should be getting maximum vapour from the mix.


If you get the sweet taste of your mix, then you are getting vapour; it may or may not be in the form of a “cloud” of vapour. I don’t know what strain/variety you are using, if it is moist or dry, and they can vary considerably. This is NOT a bong, so if you are looking for a thick cloud of “smoke” you are not looking for the right result. The sweet taste of your herbal mix is the best indication of success!



If the unit appears not to be working as it should, you may not be using it correctly.
There are many variables that can effect the result obtained.

  1. How moist is the mix (critical to the result)
  2. Is the mix a “clump” or “broken up”? (we recommend using a grinder to prepare mix)
  3. What variety/strain of cannabis? (vapour can vary considerably depending on strain)
  4. How are you inhaling? (one inhalation may not produce vapour/ we recommend at least three)
Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer

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WOLKENKRAFT Premium Vaporizers provide the highest quality products. A series of robust core technology units with True Convection heating technology. They will always deliver the finest, purest, and most tasteful vapour. The heating element is located under the herb chamber, with heated air drawn through hundreds of small holes into the chamber, passing through the herbs on route; delivering evenly evaporated, tasteful, pure vapour. No burning, no combustion, no smoke, or other side products. The purest Portable Vaporizer experience ever.



This may be information overload, but we want to be absolutely sure your Wolkenkraft Vaporizer is not faulty. While these are highly reliable units, and the failure rate extremely low, we want to eliminate any possibility the problem can be fixed with clearer information. Why buy Vaporizer? A Wolkenkraft Vaporizer gives you a feeling of satisfaction and a whole new consumer experience.


Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer

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